Device Connectivity

TELCOR QML®, an industry-leading point of care solution, was designed to provide a solution without limitations, supporting the management and reporting requirements of the growing point of care industry.

TELCOR QML® software connects to more point of care testing devices and LIS/EMR systems than anyone else in the industry.

Point of care devices come in all shapes and sizes, each with unique integration requirements. TELCOR QML system is architected to provide a unique piece of software specifically developed for each device type, which we call a driver.

These device-type drivers do three main things: talk to a vendor’s proprietary software or device directly, remap the data into a common TELCOR import format because no device types provide data the same way, and send data directly back to the vendor’s proprietary software or devices, if they are capable of receiving electronic data. Our drivers can talk directly to a vendor’s proprietary software, if required by the vendor, or directly to the device, if vendor software isn’t available or is optional based on the customer’s deployment strategy.

View or download our list of connected device types below. If a particular device is not listed, TELCOR can build a new driver in about 120 days, allowing your point of care program to continue growing without limitations. We just need the device vendor’s output specification and a brief description of your intended use of the device.

Download Device List


View Device List by Manufacturer

 Italics = In development   *Requires serial to network adapter    Bold=Bidirectional


Abaxis — *Piccolo xpress


Abbott Diabetes Care

Abbott Diabetes CareAbbott glucose via PrecisionWeb


Abbott Diagnostics

Abbott Diagnostics — *CELL-DYN 1800, CELL-DYN Emerald


Abbott POC

Abbott Point of Care — *i-STAT via CDS5, i-STAT via i-STAT/DE, i-STAT via PrecisionWeb


Accriva logo with tag_v2-01

Accriva Diagnostics — *VerifyNow, *HEMOCHRON Response, HEMOCHRON Signature Elite, *HEMOCHRON Signature Jr., *HEMOCHRON Signature Plus, *AVOXimeter 1000E, *AVOXimeter 4000, IRMA TruPoint, *ProTime


ACON Laboratories



TELCOR-Alere connectivity

Alere — Afinion AS100 Analyzer System, Census, CoagClinic, epoc Data Manager, *Triage


Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter — *COULTER Ac•T diff, *COULTER Ac•T diff 2, *COULTER Ac•T 5diff AL/CP/OV, *COULTER Ac•T 8/10



Bio-Rad Laboratories — *in2it A1C


BTNX Inc. — *Rapid Response Urine Analyzer 120


CLIAwaived, Inc. — *Automated Urinalysis Test System


Cole-Taylor Marketing Inc.

Cole-Taylor Marketing Inc. — *CT-120


Diagnostic Test Group

Diagnostic Test Group (Clarity Diagnostics) — *Clarity Urocheck 120


Germaine Laboratories, Inc. — *AimStrip Urine Analyzer


Haemonetics — TEG


Helena Laboratories

Helena Laboratories — *Cascade POC, *Actalyke XL, ICHOR II



HemoCue — HemoCue 201 DM, *HemoCue B-Hg, *HemoCue Glucose



Horiba — *ABX Micros 60, *ABX Pentra 60C+


Immunostics, Inc. — *Detector UriStrip Urine Analyzer


Instrumentation Laboratory

Instrumentation LaboratoryGEM 3000, GEM 3500, GEM 4000, *GEM PCL Plus, *IMPACT, *GEM OPL, GEMWeb Plus


Intoximeters Inc.

Intoximeters, Inc. — IntoxNet


LifeScan — DataLink


02-b Logo Types without Symbol


LSI Medience Corporation — *PATHFAST


M Dialysis logo

M Dialysis — ISCUSflex Microdialysis Analyzer



McKesson — *McKesson 120 Urine Strip Analyzer


Mediwatch — *Urinewatch Urine Analyzer






Medtronic — *ACT II/InterACT, *Hepcon HMS Plus, *ACT Plus


Moore Medical — Moore Medical Urine Analyzer U120


National Distribution & Contracting, Inc. (NDC) — Pro Advantage Urine Analyzer


Nova Biomedical

Nova BiomedicalPDM, StatSensor Creatinine, StatStrip Glucose, StatStrip Lactate, Stat Profile pHOx, Stat Profile pHOx Ultra, Stat Profile Prime


OPTI Medical



Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics — *Vitros 250



Quidel Corporation —  Sofia Analyzer



Radiometer Radiance, Radiometer 700 Series, Radiometer 77, Radiometer 80, Radiometer 800 Series, Radiometer 90


Respironics/Children's Medical Ventures

Respironics/Children’s Medical Ventures — BiliChek


Response Biomedical CorporationRAMP


Roche Diagnostics

Roche Diagnostics — *Chemstrip 101, *Chemstrip Criterion II, CoaguChek XS Plus, CoaguChek XS Pro, cobas b 123, cobas b 221, cobas bge link, cobas IT 1000, DataCare GM/POC, OMNI 1-9, *Urisys 1100


Siements Medical Solutions Diagnostics

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics — *RAPIDPoint, *RAPIDLink, RAPIDComm, DCA Vantage, *Stratus CS, *CLINITEK Status, CLINITEK Status Connect, *CLINITEK Advantus, *CLINITEK 500


SMC Direct, LLC — *RefuAH U120 Urine Analyzer


Stanbio Laboratory — *Uri-Trak 120 Urine Analyzer



Sysmex — *KX-21N, *XS-Series, *XT-Series, *pocH-100i


TEM Systems, Inc. — ROTEM delta


View Device List by Device Name

Italics = In development   *Requires serial to network adapter    Bold=Bidirectional

  • Abbott glucose via PrecisionWeb
  • *ABX Micros 60
  • *ABX Pentra 60C+
  • ACCU-CHEK Inform and Inform II via cobas IT 1000
  • *ACT Plus
  • *ACT II/InterACT
  • *Actalyke XL
  • Afinion AS100 Analyzer System
  • *AimStrip Urine Analyzer
  • AQT90 FLEX analyzer
  • *Automated Urinalysis Test System
  • *AVOXimeter 1000E
  • *AVOXimeter 4000
  • BiliChek
  • *Cascade POC
  • *CELL-DYN 1800
  • CELL-DYN Emerald
  • Census
  • *Chemstrip 101
  • *Chemstrip Criterion II
  • *Clarity Urocheck 120 Urine Analyzer
  • *CLINITEK 500
  • *CLINITEK Advantus
  • *CLINITEK Status
  • CLINITEK Status Connect
  • CoagClinic
  • CoaguChek XS Plus
  • CoaguChek XS Pro
  • cobas b 123
  • cobas b 221
  • cobas bge link
  • cobas IT 1000
  • *Cole-Taylor CT-120 Urine Chemistry Analyzer
  • *COULTER Ac•T diff
  • *COULTER Ac•T diff 2
  • *COULTER Ac•T 5diff AL/CP/OV
  • *COULTER Ac•T 8/10
  • DataCare GM/POC
  • DCA Vantage
  • *Detector UriStrip Urine Analyzer
  • epoc Data Manager
  • GEM 3000
  • GEM 3500
  • GEM 4000
  • *GEM OPL
  • *GEM PCL Plus
  • GEMWeb Plus
  • *HEMOCHRON Response
  • HEMOCHRON Signature Elite
  • *HEMOCHRON Signature Jr.
  • *HEMOCHRON Signature Plus
  • HemoCue 201 DM
  • *HemoCue B-Hg
  • *HemoCue Glucose
  • *Hepcon HMS Plus
  • *in2it A1C
  • IntoxNet
  • IRMA TruPoint
  • ISCUSflex Microdialysis Analyzer
  • *i-STAT via CDS5
  • i-STAT via i-STAT/DE
  • i-STAT via PrecisionWeb
  • *KX-21N
  • LifeScan
  • *McKesson 120 Urine Strip Analyzer
  • *MEDTOXScan
  • Moore Medical Urine Analyzer U120
  • OMNI 1-9
  • PDM
  • *Piccolo xpress
  • *pocH-100i
  • PrecisionWeb
  • Pro Advantage Urine Analyzer
  • *ProTime
  • Radiance
  • Radiometer 700 Series
  • Radiometer 77
  • Radiometer 80
  • Radiometer 800 Series
  • Radiometer 90
  • RAMP
  • *Rapid Response Urine Analyzer 120
  • RAPIDComm
  • *RAPIDLink
  • *RAPIDPoint
  • *RefuAH U120 Urine Analyzer
  • ROTEM delta
  • Sofia Analyzer
  • Stat Profile pHOx
  • Stat Profile pHOx Ultra
  • Stat Profile Prime
  • StatSensor Creatinine by Nova
  • StatStrip Glucose by Nova
  • StatStrip Lactate by  Nova
  • *Stratus CS
  • *Sysmex XS-Series
  • *Sysmex XT-Series
  • TEG
  • *Triage
  • *Uri-Trak 120 Urine Analyzer
  • *Urinewatch Urine Analyzer
  • *Urisys 1100
  • *VerifyNow
  • *Vitros 250


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