The American Medical Association (AMA) announced an update to Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) test codes for the orthopoxvirus and codes for the vaccines used to prevent monkeypox infection.


The new CPT codes are for immediate use and have been created to streamline reporting of orthopoxvirus and monkeypox testing and immunizations currently available in the U.S. market.


The two new vaccine codes are designed to describe the two smallpox and monkeypox virus products currently available. The first code, 87593, is an infectious agent detection by nucleic acid (DNA or RNA); orthopoxvirus (e.g., monkeypox virus, cowpox virus, vaccina virus). Additionally, the CPT Editorial Panel has accepted addition of code 90622 to identify vaccinia (smallpox) virus vaccine product; and addition of code 90611 to identify monkeypox and smallpox virus vaccine product.


For more information and a code descriptors, please visit the orthopoxvirus and monkeypox coding and guidance on the AMA website.