Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) announced at the end of March that it was postponing the May 1 launch of its new lab policies and laboratory program with Avalon Healthcare Solutions. A new launch date was not announced. Prior to the most recent announcement, the insurer had previously announced it was postponing the launch of the Laboratory Benefit Management Program to May 1 because it required additional time to make improvements to the program.

The implementation of the new program with Avalon for certain outpatient laboratory services provided to commercial members includes posting of Clinical Payment and Coding Policies.

According to BCBSTX , the new program aims to ensure members have access to the right care at the appropriate time and in the appropriate setting and will better prepare labs for submitting claims. Once launched, the program will affect outpatient laboratory claims for services performed in an outpatient setting, including offices and hospital outpatient or independent laboratories. Laboratory services provided in an emergency room or in hospital observation or inpatient settings are excluded.