Operational Metrics

Metrics give labs the ability to positivity improve profitability by having visibility to data. With this visibility, a lab can see how it’s performing against key performance indicators such as monthly sales growth, current accounts receivables, payment history, and more.

With TELCOR, we give you the right metrics at the right time to effectively manage your business. There are standard reports every lab needs such as real-time gross and net AR, expected reimbursement of submitted claims and cash waterfalls to project payments. Lab reporting isn’t a one size fits all solution. We work with you to provide meaningful metrics specific to your lab throughout the process.

Business Analytics

Analytics are necessary when a specific business-related question needs to be answered. When lab executives need insight into trends or patterns. Analytics can be used to help understand, monitor and even predict customer behavior and quantify performance.

TELCOR provides analytics to maximize laboratory ROI. We help you analyze sales by territory or customer, advice codes and denial trends, plus statistics on payments, refunds and write-offs.

With access to specific metrics and analytics, you have valuable business intelligence allowing you to positively impact profitability and position yourself for growth opportunities.