Complete Transparency

Even though you’re outsourcing your billing needs, you still need complete control and access to your own data. We agree. With TELCOR, there is absolute transparency between us — your billing team — and you. Don’t get stuck with limited or meaningless metrics making it difficult to make business decisions. You can access the right reports to take control of your revenue cycle.

Comprehensive Financial Health

With access to flexible and customizable reporting and analysis tools, your revenue cycle information is meaningful and the impact of your business decisions can be measured. You can have a better understanding of your comprehensive financial health.

TELCOR is Different

We offer a unique solution. To grow the client relationships you have built over time, you maintain control of your client interactions by using our comprehensive, user-friendly solution to streamline and automate retrieval of missing information from your clients. Additionally, our proprietary technology, TELCOR RCM, offers the flexibility and visibility to monitor and follow up on outstanding AR for services invoiced to your clients directly. Specific clients’ requirements for pricing, invoice formatting, and delivery can be customized, and invoice delivery is automated.

TELCOR does the rest. We configure your unique billing rules to ensure clean, compliant claim submission and we follow up with payers to maximize collections. We do first- and second-level appeals with metrics allowing you to measure our impact and success. When charges become patient responsibility, we continue the billing and collection process with statements and bad debt cycles. Patient balances are easily monitored by you with online access to statements sent, outstanding AR, claim and payer remittance data, documentation, payments, and adjustments.

We are also different than other billing services in that we know laboratory billing. Regardless of lab type or size, TELCOR is the right fit. From new, start-up labs to large, multi-entity labs, executives have peace of mind when working with us. You can count on our experience and laboratory billing expertise to get you started right by providing consultation and guidance on industry best practices while helping you maximize collections critical to the success of your business.

Time to Manage Your Own Billing?

If and when you’re ready to bring billing in-house, it’s easy. You already own your data. You are familiar with our dynamic, real-time workqueues and reports. The system is already configured with the rules and parameters you need. You’ll go through a streamlined integration process and simply bring billing functions in-house. The learning curve is quick because you’re already familiar with our TELCOR RCM software and our team.