Designed Specifically for Labs

Medical billing and laboratory billing are not the same. At TELCOR, we have focused on laboratory billing for 15 years when our lab-specific revenue cycle management software solution was launched in 2007.

Our TELCOR billing service was created to serve the needs of labs looking for help with their staffing, collections, and billing requirements. Our knowledge and expertise in laboratory billing along with our powerful, rules-based software helps labs get paid for the work they do. You will also have unprecedented access to monitor progress and the ability to efficiently service your customers.

Integrated Solution

  • Consistent claim submissions and patient statement generation
  • 1st and 2nd level appeals
  • Management of patient accounts to collections
  • Clearinghouse integration
  • Document management integration
  • Profitability modeling
  • Prompt AR follow-up
  • Patient portal, statements, and payments
  • Client portal, invoicing, and payments
  • Insurance eligibility verification
  • Reimbursement monitoring
  • Denial and appeals analysis

Client and Patient Portals

The TELCOR patient portal (iLabBill® Account) and client portal (iLabBill® Client) are integrated, web-based portals making communication between you and your patients and clients easier, promoting satisfaction, workflow efficiency, and improved time to collection.

All activity on the patient and client portals is real-time. Portals are customizable allowing patients and clients to see your logo, color schemes, and naming conventions.

iLabBill® Account

Patients using the iLabBill Account patient portal can:

  • Review and print history of charges, payments, and adjustments from payer and patient
  • Pay online by a credit card either prior or after services performed with optional payment discounting for prompt pay
  • Review payment history or patient-specific messages
  • Review bills online
  • Update mailing address and insurance information
  • Elect to receive statements, account letters, and installment agreements by email

iLabBill® Client

Clients using the iLabBill portal can:

  • Update requests for missing diagnosis, missing patient address, or missing insurance information
  • Enter census or hospice coverage information
  • Review and print invoice detail history
  • Pay online with credit card or ACH
  • Review payment history
  • Review global messages or client-specific messages
  • Create, update, and deactivate client portal users
  • See fee schedules for laboratory tests
  • See the PDF of client-specific documents, e.g., missing information requests, invoices