Every company says they have great service.  What’s that mean to you as a customer?  What does it take to say, “That was a great experience”?

At TELCOR, we deliver on our promises.  Beginning with the sales process, we discover your goals and develop a plan to help you meet them.  The implementation process provides a custom and consultative experience to help you transition to a new way of managing your revenue cycle.  When you transition to Service, our team provides ongoing assistance as you become more efficient and reengineer for success.

Service isn’t just a Department
Service isn’t just about the customer service department.  It’s how you’re treated by everyone at the company.  It’s understanding your expectations and exceeding them.  It’s about the trust you build with sales, implementation, service and management.  It’s knowing you can count on us to deliver on our promises.  It is the TELCOR way.

TELCOR RCM service has been extremely helpful and great with speed of contact and response. Everyone at TELCOR is always very helpful in resolving any issues we may have. You have a great team!

–Krystal Wells, Billing Lead/Coder/Billing Representatives, Western Pathology Associates, LTD

Our service commitment to our customers includes:

Exceptional Response Time
When you need an answer, it’s frustrating when service teams don’t treat it with urgency.  Across the board, TELCOR is responsive.  Calls are answered without delay and emails are responded to in a timely manner.  Stay current on service cases by accessing the Customer Service Case Review workqueue.  You never have to wonder about the status of your case.

Real People
Even our customers say TELCOR is different.  Why?  You don’t have to press a number to get routed to a specific department.  You don’t have to wait patiently as you make your way through the on-hold queue.  There is no substitution for speaking with a person when it comes to customer service. When you call, you are greeted by our reception team and transferred to a qualified service analyst without having to navigate through an automated phone system.  We get to know you as a valued customer providing consultative support and best practice advice.

TELCOR is different.  They are much more of a partner.  They are invested in our success, they know the people in our company, they know our management team, and even the staff level team as well.  You can feel it throughout the organization that they are invested that we do well, they are not just billing software.

–Jeff Nally, Executive Director of Revenue Cycle Management, Dominion Diagnostics

Experienced Analysts
Our analysts have experience in billing, billing organizations, hospitals and laboratories.  We understand billing challenges, insurance providers, software implementations, etc. helping you drive efficiency and improve collections.  With one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry, you’re speaking to skilled, industry experts who know the TELCOR product and best laboratory practices.

Active User Group
In September, we are hosting our ninth annual User Conference.  This complimentary, two-day conference brings together billing professionals providing product insight, best practices and priceless networking opportunities.

“It was a great place to bounce ideas off other labs to see how they were doing different things and how they are facing healthcare reimbursement as a whole.”

–Juliana Winges Daniels, Truetox Laboratories

For ongoing networking and support, customers can access a portal for training, enhancement information and peer discussions.

A Solution that Evolves
Since September 2016, we’ve received 7,090 customer requests.  Of those, 71% have been completed and 19% are on the product roadmap.  It is our commitment to evolve our product as the industry continues to change.  This makes TELCOR RCM the most customer-driven RCM solution in the industry today.

Total Requests Since 9/2016 Completed Requests Product Roadmap
7,090 5,037 (71%) 1,344 (19%)


Professional Services
Professional Services can be utilized to meet goals such as billing staff development and education, process optimization, data analytics and more.  These services can also be used for:

  • Supplemental implementation services
  • Staffing assistance
    • System management and configuration
    • Configuration data imports
    • Version update validation
  • Customer query analysis
  • Escalated product feature release

We were very impressed with the TELCOR team from the very get-go.  They were 100% committed and 100% bought into our revenue cycle success. 

—Dr. Lucas Campbell, President, Northwest Arkansas Pathology

Customer Testimonials
Virtually every company will tell you how great their service is.  The real proof is when you hear it from our customers.

Kurt Matthes Vice President, Reengineering and Service, RCM Reengineering


Kurt Matthes, vice president, RCM reengineering and service, has more than 25 years of experience in laboratory systems. Since joining TELCOR in 2007, he has performed various responsibilities including implementation, service and sales support working with TELCOR customers to help ensure success.