Lincoln, Nebraska – October 11, 2017 – TELCOR Inc, the proven leader in laboratory revenue cycle management solutions, announced its revenue cycle and billing service solution today.

TELCOR Revenue Cycle Services (TRCS) is a unique, lab-specific billing service solution promoting lab growth and easy transition to in-house billing when the lab is ready to bring this function in-house.

“Our experience in building and servicing the most successful SaaS laboratory revenue cycle management solution gave us insights into the unmet needs of the parallel market of laboratory billing services,” said Jim Terrano, CEO and president.  “Billing service companies are using dated software or software designed for general medical markets. This results in excess staffing and costs to manage the uniqueness of laboratory billing.

“By utilizing our RCM solution to power our billing service organization, we offer a streamlined and cost-effective solution maximizing collections and giving customers unprecedented access to monitor progress and service their customers,” said Terrano.

There are three core areas making TRCS different than other billing services:

  1. Performance.  Customer users have direct access to the application to manage requests for missing information to their clients and perform inquiries to service client and patient phone calls.  They have easy access to the information needs to maintain their patient and client relationships.
  2. Access.  Users have full access and visibility to their account receivables (AR) data with real-time analytics.  Customers can easily determine if TELCOR’s performance is meeting their billing and collection goals, while having all the financial metrics needed to effectivity manage their business.
  3. Experience.  Our billing service utilizes the same SaaS software solution used by more than 100 outreach and independent labs.  Our investment in our software and service solutions plus staff experienced in laboratory billing, provide exceptional support to labs of all disciplines and sizes.

TELCOR Revenue Cycle Services provide a holistic view of billing.  Labs have complete transparency and visibility into its financial health providing a positive impact on lab profitability.

To learn about the benefits of TELCOR Revenue Cycle Services, contact Karis Ahlberg, Marketing Director, at 402-489-1207.


TELCOR is the proven leader in the laboratory revenue cycle and point of care testing markets, providing unparalleled software products, services and exceptional customer support. Our proven implementations are performed by clinically experienced, IT knowledgeable resources who understand each customer’s unique environment.