Lincoln, Nebraska – July 30, 2020 – As the only open vendor middleware solution, the following are the newest connectivity updates available to all TELCOR QML® customers.

ChemSTAT via GEMWeb® Plus

In collaboration with Instrumentation Laboratory, the existing TELCOR connectivity for GEM devices now also connects ChemSTAT devices via GEMWeb Plus.

epoc® via POCcelerator™

Operators managed in QML can now be sent to epoc devices connected via POCcelerator.

Liat® Bi-Directional

New functionality is available for Liat devices. These devices can connect via cobas IT1000 with operators managed in QML or connected directly to QML for complete configuration. This includes operators and reagents, eliminating the need for cobas IT1000 unless you already have it for glucose.


Connectivity is now available for the OLO hematology analyzer manufactured by Sight Diagnostics. The OLO connects to QML through an Ethernet port thus requiring no additional hardware. Patient and QC results are sent to QML through a unidirectional interface.

ROTEM® via GEMWeb Plus

The existing TELCOR connectivity for GEMWeb Plus now also supports routing of ROTEM results to QML through GEMWeb Plus. Processing of ROTEM results into QML will continue to utilize the TELCOR driver for ROTEM.

Sofia Unidirectional

New functionality to support SARS-CoV-2 and Lyme testing for Sofia devices.

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