Orders messages can be received directly from the HIS/EMR or an LIS. As with the ADT interface, multiple order feeds can be configured for simultaneous receipt from multiple systems. Order information received through the feed is used to:

  • Validate the order number entered into the device
  • Select the appropriate order if the patient ID was entered into the device
  • Use the patient information for reference range processing and flagging when sending results directly to the EMR

This interface is not required if the order/accession number was scanned into the device. The results will be sent as a solicited result with the sample ID entered/scanned.

A single QML system can be configured to process both unsolicited and solicited results, with or without ADT or orders interfaces. In addition, a single process can be defined to send a solicited result when an order is matched, or if not matched, send the same result as unsolicited.