Patient Information

With patient information, the ADT (admission, discharge, transfer) messages can be received directly from the HIS/EMR, an engine or the LIS. Multiple ADT feeds can be configured for simultaneous receipt of data from multiple systems. patient information received through the ADT feed is used to:

  • Validate the patient ID received from the device
  • Select an episode/account when the patient ID received from the device is the medical record number
  • Provide account number, medical record and other patient information in the result message sent to the LIS/EMR, for those that require more than just a single patient identifier
  • Provide data for positive patient ID by:
    • Sending data back to devices in response to host query messages sent to QML®
    • Passing the same ADT message received to device software that can accept information for creating patient lists in their devices
    • Formulating patient lists for sending to device software or directly to the devices that can accept this type of data