The Proprietary Laboratory Analyses-Technical Advisory Group (PLA-TAG) will discuss PLA applications on or around Nov. 7, 2022.

PLA Codes, an addition to the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code set approved by the American Medical Association CPT Editorial Panel, are alpha-numeric CPT codes with corresponding descriptors for labs or manufacturers that want to more specifically identify their tests. Tests with PLA codes must be requested by the clinical laboratory or manufacturer that offers the test, and they must be performed on human specimens.

The PLA-TAG, a group of industry stakeholders and subject matter experts, advises the CPT Editorial Panel on applications received for codes to be added to the new PLA section of the CPT. PLA Codes include Advanced Diagnostic Laboratory Tests and Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Tests as defined under the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014. These analyses often include a range of medical laboratory tests such as Genomic Sequencing Procedures and Multianalyte Assays with Algorithmic Analyses.

The CPT Editorial Panel will discuss PLA applications that were submitted in October at its next teleconference meeting on Nov. 21. The PLA agenda has been released, and the deadline to register for the CPT Editorial Panel discussion is Nov. 18 by 5 p.m. Central Time.

The CPT PLA Codes approved by the CPT Editorial Panel with full, medium, and short descriptors can be viewed on the following pages:

CPT PLA Codes: Short Descriptors

CPT PLA Codes: Medium Descriptors

CPT PLA Codes: Long Descriptors