Lincoln, Nebraska – February 14, 2017 – TELCOR Inc, the leading vendor truly focused on point of care testing (POCT) middleware innovations, is continuing its commitment of advancing its product with the latest version of TELCOR QML enhancements in version 2.3.20.

Some of the new QML enhancements include, but are not limited to, being able to:

  • Quickly view current samples by moving older samples based on facility, date range, or type from the active QML repository to the new Archive database file(s).
  • Easily manage multiple facilities or locations by configuring exceptions set per facility/location.
  • Define select test interface options by facility/location which now add rows to the Test Summary view.
  • Interface QC results to a system different than the LIS/EMR for which patient results are interfaced, allowing for greater flexibility.
  • Eliminate the need to run the interface in Batch mode for repeat processing to now combining Import and Output Repeat Processing into a single Repeat process, separating it from interface output.
  • Process the receipt of Application Acknowledgements such that each interface will process these messages completely independent from others.
  • Easily run the new Linearity report in the QC group without using an Excel® macro; mean and SD are now defined in the QC test configurations.

As the needs of the market evolve and hospitals require more advanced tools to manage its point of care program, we are fully committed to providing the most comprehensive and flexible solution available on the market today, in addition to connecting more device types than any other vendor.

For questions contact Karis Ahlberg at 402-489-1207.


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