AR Management Tools and Automation

No more “black holes” in your AR

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“TELCOR has allowed us to have visibility into all of our accounts receivable and AR.”
Jeanette Gray, Manager, Revenue Management & Contracts, ProPath Services, LLP

AR Management Tools

TELCOR provides full visibility; real-time gross and net AR as well as historical AR via our vast AR management tools. We provide paperless workqueues with customized aging days and date options to efficiently manage your AR for payer/claim, client and patient. AR balances can be automatically emailed to management for daily, weekly and monthly tracking of outstanding balances. Trending with historical AR allows easy comparison of current state to past months or years.

These powerful AR management tools allow you to quickly know which payers have not responded or which payers are paying you less than expected. This information is critical to ensuring you get paid what you should for the services performed.

AR workqueues allow team members to easily change responsibility, make corrections, perform adjustments, send letters, automatically batch resubmit and other functions needed daily to improve collections—all based upon each user’s security.

Dunning processes can be refined to fit your business and patient payment plans allow you to go after the harder to collect dollars.

Automatic transfer to bad debt, bad debt write-off, small balance write-off and generation of collection notices allow you to take action on uncollectible AR so you can focus resources on recoverable balances.