Automated RCM Workflow

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Being able to partner with TELCOR definitely allows us to really shine as an IS organization. Because not only am I relying on my staff and my own talent, I also have the TELCOR team that I can really rely on and they have definitely proven they’re willing to try new things.
Scott Saunders, Senior Manager, Technical and Data Services, Dominion Diagnostics

Automated Workflow

TELCOR RCM minimizes billing staff and improves revenue cycle accuracy and compliance through automated workflow.

All inbound and outbound data is controlled through interfaces requiring no manual intervention. Whether it is receiving patient demographic and charge data, or sending and receiving payer data, it is all automatic and audited.

Pre-processing rules ensure charge transactions are coded, grouped, exploded, imploded, validated and priced based upon each payer and client requirement. Missing patient information is automatically faxed, emailed or presented in the client portal allowing information to be obtained efficiently.  Payer jurisdictional rules ensure claims are directed to the right payer the first time and automated benefits eligibility, prior authorization, diagnosis and CPT coverage checks prior to claim submission reduce denials.

Our billing software automation removes manual intervention from claim submission, patient statements, patient letters, client invoices, remittance posting, claim next step needed, transfer to bad debt and more—it allows your billing staff to only work on exceptions with workqueues customized to your work processes further improving efficiency.

All revenue cycle management reporting: customized KPIs, AR reports, productivity metrics, profitability and financial reporting can be scheduled for automatic distribution to your email in a PDF, Excel® or CSV file at whatever frequency meets your management needs.