TELCOR Revenue Cycle Management

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Using powerful tools, TELCOR delivers the billing software solution allowing organizations to be efficient and improve collections for the services they provide. Whether you are an independent reference lab, a pathology practice, an outreach lab or a public health lab, TELCOR RCM billing software provides the tools to overcome tough billing challenges and improve profitability.

Perform claim submission, claim monitoring, remittance processes, AR management, client and patient billing, and much more for multiple NPIs all in a single revenue cycle management solution.

Minimize billing staffing needs and maximize revenue cycle productivity by using the right tools to automate daily billing functions such as claims submission, collecting patient information, as well as generating revenue cycle management financial reports.

Increase visibility into laboratory profitability and billing productivity with robust financial, sales and executive revenue cycle reporting tools adaptable as your key performance indicator needs change.

Send quick and easy to understand billing communication to patients, simplify your patient billing process and make it easier for patients to pay.

Customize pricing to meet diverse contract requirements and automate your client bill process to gain a competitive edge with improved satisfaction using minimal resources.

Easily monitor payer response, track success of appeals, and work denials quickly to proactively go after payment.

Eliminate labor-intensive manual adjudication processes by processing electronic payments received from your payers via 835 ERA’s or from your bank via lockbox payment files.

Increase collections and reduce manual processes by offering a web portal for clients and patients to make payments and provide missing information.