Using the TELCOR RCM profitability analysis tools allows us to choose the direction of how we grow.
Isaac Mixon, IT Director, Skin Pathology Associates

Patient and Client Portals

The TELCOR patient portal, iLabBill® Account, and client portal, iLabBill® Client, are integrated, web-based portals making communication between laboratories and their clients and patients easier, promoting satisfaction, workflow efficiency and improved time to collection.  iLabBill Client and iLabBill Account are easy to implement with TELCOR RCM, significantly improve efficiency and positively impact profitability.

All activity on the patient and client portal are synced real-time with the TELCOR RCM billing software solution and vice versa.  There is virtually no lag time or discrepancy between what RCM users see and what clients or patients see.  Portal activity is completely audited and allows easy review and management of portal usage.  Each portal is customizable allowing patients and clients to see your logo, color schemes and naming conventions.

The iLabBill Account patient portal can:

  • Review and print history of charges, payments and adjustments from payer and patient
  • Pay online by a credit card with optional payment discounting for prompt pay
  • Review payment history or patient specific messages
  • Review bills online
  • Update mailing address and insurance information
  • Elect to receive statements & account letters by email

The iLabBill Client portal can:

  • Update requests for missing diagnosis, missing patient address or missing insurance information
  • Enter census or hospice coverage information
  • Enter capitated covered lives
  • Perform price inquiries
  • Review and print invoice detail history
  • Pay online with credit card or ACH
  • Review payment history
  • Review global messages or client specific messages
  • Create, update and deactivate client portal users
  • See fee schedule for laboratory tests
  • Option to see PDF of client-specific documents, e.g. missing information requests, census requests
  • Easy view of laboratory representative information