Productivity Monitoring

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We really use the data analytics daily looking at the trends with payers, with new and emerging tests not always knowing what the payer response is going to be ahead of time. TELCOR is a huge benefit.
Will Ivey, Vice President, Finance, MyGenetx Laboratory, LLC

Productivity Monitoring

Our customers experience significant improvements with productivity monitoring and publishing productivity metrics for teams and team members.

RCM increases visibility to analyze the success of users’ work efforts when using our billing software solution. Management can view productivity based on more than 1,700¬†events that are automatically captured to audit user work. Organizations can configure productivity units appropriate for each event and compare the relative work contribution of each employee. Additionally, users can be assigned to teams to view team-to-team comparisons.

Error Productivity allows you to effectively monitor the timeliness of users correcting errors from the rules process to identify roadblocks to claim submission.

Denial Productivity allows you to monitor turnaround time and expected reimbursement of claim denials resubmitted for payment so you can pinpoint payers having the largest problems, which clients were the source of these issues and how productive your employees were in getting the denials resolved.

Productivity monitoring provides analytics to drive down DSO, allocate resources, and staff appropriately for current and future workload.