Robust Client Billing and Pricing

Bill clients with ease

Robust Client Billing and Pricing2018-05-17T15:11:27+00:00
One of the biggest benefits TELCOR provides is the ability to customize pricing.
Goldie Mandella, Billing Operations Manager, Interpath Laboratory, Inc.

Client Billing and Pricing

If you are expending a lot of effort on client billing and pricing, this is the revenue cycle management (RCM) solution for you. TELCOR RCM software solution includes extensive functionality to customize pricing and meet diverse contract requirements to support client billing. Client pricing options include unlimited fee schedules, discounting, special pricing, capitation, incremental pricing and automatic travel and transportation pricing.

Invoice delivery is an automated process giving you a competitive edge with maximized client satisfaction and minimal resource dedication. Before the invoice is generated, you can review and edit unbilled charges to ensure accuracy with functions to review client history, change responsibility, edit client assignment, change pricing and more.

Invoices are sent to clients via print, fax, email or client web portal. Per client, you can define if daily, weekly, or monthly invoices or notifications of charges will be provided so the client can perform their own patient billing in a timely manner. Invoice format, content, sorting and messages are customized by the client making bills easy to understand. Easily revise and regenerate invoices for edits after the invoice is generated.

The iLabBill Client web portal allows clients to easily provide census information, diagnosis codes, patient demographics and insurance information. Clients can review invoices, analyze price schedules and make payments online. Your organization’s labor is reduced, collections are improved and client satisfaction is improved.

Client metrics are included with each billing transaction processed even if not client billed. This allows a complete picture of how each client impacts your business. Revenue, expected reimbursement, utilization errors, profitability, payments, compliance statistics and more is determined for each client.