In terms of disruption to labs, 2020 is likely the granddaddy of them all given the impact of the global pandemic. Once again, laboratories are faced with the challenge of surviving the initial blow dealt to them because of decreasing volume, the impact to supply chain and, ultimately, the solutions to help them thrive in such a market.

Business resilience1 is the ability to:

  1. Rapidly adapt and respond to business disruptions, and
  2. Safeguard people and assets, while maintaining continuous business operations.

A key factor of business resiliency is technology. The right technology allows you to adapt and keep your competitive edge. Remember TELCOR is here to help when your organization is faced with tackling a new challenge.

Our comprehensive platform, TELCOR RCM, allows your team to work in one automated system. With TELCOR RCM doing the heavy lifting, your team can focus on difficult collections in order to boost your bottom line.

The Tools

TELCOR RCM is extremely flexible allowing labs to rapidly respond to virtually any scenario. Our dynamic workqueues, add-on modules and flexible configurations allow users to:

  • View charges in real-time for an accurate status of all patient accounts
  • Obtain incomplete billing information via our client portal, iLabBill® Client
  • Automatically check patient eligibility in order to bill the right insurance the first time
  • Provide patients with multiple ways to pay from point-of-service to installment agreements
  • Integrate Document Management for immediate access to requisitions, insurance cards, payer correspondence, supporting documentation for appeal packages, or other documents required to complete work
  • Manage configurations to meet new payer requirements or quickly adapt to bill for a new test to meet consumer demand
  • Validate process changes with 24/7 access to test environment and visibility to see the impact of process changes in production

The Support

During critical times, it is imperative to have the support from your vendor. New business situations and scenarios create the need for strong collaboration to ensure there is no interruption in business operations. With TELCOR, all of our customers have access to:

  • Side-by-side assistance to guide you as you meet new challenges
  • Strong project management support to help implement new processes and business changes
  • Consultative and customized design of projects to meet your organization’s needs taking into consideration risk and impact to cash

The Commitment

Just as it’s important for your lab to have business resilience planning, likewise, your vendor should as well. This includes security in the product as well as the service. At TELCOR, we:

  • Continuously evolve our product which is driven by customer and industry requirements
  • Protect your data with modern, secure technology
  • Deliver solutions and support to help improve your bottom line

Define Your Own Destiny

TELCOR solutions support your blueprint for solving your revenue cycle problems at ALL times. The last thing needed during a crisis is your technology or your vendor to not be prepared to help meet your challenges head on. TELCOR is here to help optimize your revenue cycle and meet your goals, regardless of the challenges in front of you.

The New Normal

No one knows for certain what’s around the next corner and what the new normal may be, but with foresight and proper planning, you’ll be safeguarded to strategically weather the storm.

If there’s anything the TELCOR team can help with today’s current challenges, please reach out to Sales or Customer Service.

Kwami EdwardsKwami Edwards, Chief Customer Officer, RCM, has more than 15 years of health care experience with a strong background in workflow redesign and change management. In his current role, Kwami works with owners and executives to help ensure successful implementations and continued reengineering support.


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