Did you know more than fifty TELCOR customers are offering COVID-19 testing? We are proud of these labs and the work they are doing responding to community and national needs to help control the pandemic. Thank you!

As you’re aware, COVID-19 testing has brought many challenges to labs, including:

  • Supply chain challenges for collection media and reagents
  • Operational impact driven by substantial increases in requisition volume
  • Adapting to the demands to process and bill for COVID-19

Ensuring labs are successful with the new landscape and getting paid for the work being done, TELCOR has been supporting our customers as they navigate these challenges. As a powerful billing solution, the functionality and configurations available in TELCOR RCM has helped labs thrive.

TELCOR has been providing integral customer support as labs ramp up their COVID-19 testing offerings. By listening to our customers and having in-depth conversations about their needs, TELCOR quickly added enhancements to further streamline the unique demands for COVID-19 billing.

Solving the Billing Challenges for SARS-CoV-2

To assist with analytics and reporting, SARS-CoV-2 can now be defined as its own procedure type. Understanding trends for your COVID-19 testing and billing supports labs to quickly meet their customers’ needs.

Billing for uninsured patients (HRSA) presented a new challenge. Our customers needed a quick and easy way to generate the data required for upload to the HRSA website. To streamline the process, Service Type was added to the Company configuration and State Identification was added to patient Account Demographics. TELCOR also enhanced inbound interfaces to allow receipt of State ID and Driver’s License Number. The Requisition Charge Review workqueue was updated to have all required columns for upload to the HRSA portal.

TELCOR deployed a new interface, providing labs the ability to process HRSA response files back into RCM. Based on the HRSA response, RCM automatically updates authorized patients with the HRSA payer and Member IDs, eliminating hours of manual labor.

Manpower Support

Another challenge labs have been experiencing is finding people to support the front-end process to meet the surge of data entry and eligibility requests. Even in good times, it can be hard to find the right people to fill these roles. During a pandemic, it can be nearly impossible.

TELCOR has been able to provide staff augmentation in some circumstances. We responded by digging in and expanding our capabilities, deploying Document Management where possible, and providing help needed to meet the growing volume and pre-claim activity many labs were experiencing. With quick access to requisitions or payer correspondence from within the RCM application via Document Management, our team was able to hit their stride and maximize the team’s productivity.

Working Together

We are all working together to ensure success. Customers have been sharing information and best practices by using the TELCOR Discussion Board. We have been in touch with many customers across the country to help ensure their success. Together, we can rise above and solve problems. Together, we can swing hard at the curveballs and turn them into home runs. Together, because of our challenges, we will move into 2021 stronger and better providing real solutions that make a difference.





Wendy Baehne, Vice President, RCM Product Management, has almost 20 years of experience in laboratory revenue cycle management. She is currently responsible for TELCOR RCM product management, which includes working with customer requirements and managing the software development lifecycle for version updates.