Committed to Ensuring Customer Success

Our commitment to customers is to evolve our product as the industry continues to change. We work with customers who have top-down buy-in needed to revolutionize back-office processes. Our analysts are best-in-class. Customers have unlimited access to the team for questions, configuration assistance, troubleshooting and product information. We also provide annual on-site visits to help optimize your use of the application.

Additionally, monthly enhancement review meetings are available to all customers and we host an annual User Conference for additional training, review of product plans and discussions to exchange ideas.

Upgrades and Enhancements

Features and functionality are constantly being developed based on customer requests, regulatory changes, updated payer requirements and the evolution of the ever-changing laboratory billing industry. New versions are provided at no extra charge; they are part of the annual service agreement. We release new versions to customer test systems accompanied with complete documentation detailing system changes. Once approved by the customer, the new version is implemented on the production system.

TELCOR implements a single-version philosophy to optimize service and ensure no customer will be left behind because their system is too customized to update. TELCOR RCM is designed to be used and configured to meet variable customer needs so it can be released to all customers. This commitment enables all customers to benefit from the requests of each customer. The single-version philosophy allows us to provide responsive service, since our service analysts are knowledgeable about all system functionality.