Single Solution

The TELCOR RCM billing software solution provides integration of many functions commonly being performed using multiple applications. This single solution for revenue cycle management reduces labor, improves collections and provides comprehensive, accurate revenue cycle analytics.

TELCOR can integrate your client billing with your patient billing, making a change of responsibility seamless and easy. All transaction rules for payer compliant claim submission, as well as claim monitoring, are performed in the billing software application allowing improved remittance processing. Remittance and cash posting are within the software and payments from your client and patient portals are automatically updated into TELCOR RCM.

AR management and revenue cycle analytics in the same software solution make them real-time, accurate and relevant to today’s revenue cycle decision-making.

Additionally, if you are a laboratory with multiple businesses, a multi-entity deployment allows multiple companies within one instance of the software solution allowing company-specific or organization-wide revenue cycle analytics.

We were approaching billing the hard way from start to finish. We knew software that was made specifically for lab billing would help fix our problem. We’d already chosen a quality LIS, and needed a revenue cycle solution that took advantage of the clean data we were capable of generating from it. We just needed to find the right one.

—Isaac Mixon, IT Director, Skin Pathology Associates