Streamline Cash Posting

Streamline cash posting through the support of unlimited number 5010 835 remittances from payers. The 835 remittance files are processed automatically, displayed in summary, and detailed for user verification. All remittance is posted at the service line ensuring adjudication of each transaction with metrics for statistical analysis by management.

It also takes workflow efficiency a step further with rules to process the claim to the next action automatically. Payer remittance also streamlines payer payment adjustments, interest and refunds.

Lockbox integrations are supported to automatically post payments from clients and patients deposited at your bank. iLabBill® Client and iLabBill® Account allow clients and patients pay to securely through web portals which then automatically post into TELCOR RCM.

Credit card processing from portals, or within the application is supported, streamlining credit card authorization. Payments prior to service can be entered with automatic adjudication when transactions are posted.

These tools to streamline cash posting not only reduce labor and improve collections but they post payments as soon as they are received. With real-time analytics, you always know the current state of your cash and AR.

The credit card module has been one of the most helpful modules for the team. With patients calling in and making a credit card payment, it is simultaneously posting to the patient’s account. We no longer have one team taking the credit card payment and another team posting the payments since it’s all done at the same time.

—Goldie Mandella, Billing Operations Manager, Interpath Laboratory, Inc.