Improve Workflow Efficiency

The TELCOR RCM application provides integration of many functions commonly being performed using multiple applications to improve workflow efficiency.

The RCM rules engine is integrated throughout the application and surrounds all processes required to bill and manage AR. Pre-processing rules ensure charge transactions are coded, grouped, exploded, imploded, validated and priced, based upon each payer and client requirement. Many rules come standard and even more are customizable so they can be adapted to each laboratory’s unique requirements.

Integrated Billing Options

TELCOR can integrate your client billing with your patient billing creating workflow efficiency and making change of responsibility seamless and easy. All transaction rules for payer compliant claim submission, as well as claim monitoring, are performed in the application allowing improved remittance processing. Remittance and cash posting are within the application and payments from your client and patient portals are automatically updated into RCM.

TELCOR RCM minimizes staffing requirements while improving accuracy and compliance through automation. All inbound and outbound data is controlled through interfaces requiring no manual intervention. Whether it is receiving patient demographic and charge data, or sending and receiving payer data, it is all automatic and audited.

Automation to Streamline Workflow

Missing patient information can be automatically faxed, emailed or presented in the client portal to allow the information to be obtained efficiently. Prior to claim submission, the RCM application allows an organization to use payer jurisdictional rules to ensure the claims are directed to the right payer the first time. In order to also reduce claim denials, TELCOR RCM allows for upfront benefits eligibility checking, as well as prior-authorization and medical records gathering.

Automation increases workflow efficiency and removes manual intervention from claim submission, patient statements, patient letters, client invoices, remittance posting, claim next step needed, transfer to bad debt and more—it allows your staff to only work on exceptions with paperless workqueues customized to your organization’s work processes, further improving efficiency.

Powerful Reporting Provides Insight

All management reporting: customized KPIs, AR reports, productivity metrics, profitability and financial reporting can be scheduled for automatic distribution to your email or network shared folder within your organization in a PDF, Excel® or CSV file at whatever frequency meets your management needs.