Lincoln, Nebraska – March 16, 2020 – TELCOR Inc is celebrating its 25th anniversary.  Founded in 1995 by Jim Terrano, Deb Larson and Becky Clarke, TELCOR is an innovative company providing health care software and service solutions to more than 2,600 hospitals and laboratories across the United States and Canada.

TELCOR offers three core product lines. A middleware solution for point of care testing, a cloud-based solution for laboratory revenue cycle management and billing service for laboratory billing. With an industry undergoing extreme changes and technology offering many solutions, TELCOR has found success by listening to the needs of its customers. “We focus on the development, security and compliance of our industry-leading solutions,” said Jim Terrano, CEO and President of TELCOR. “Our customers value the integrity of all TELCOR people, our products and our services.”

With 200 people, all located in Lincoln, TELCOR is proud of its strong culture of integrity, innovation and teamwork. TELCOR has seen dynamic growth over the last two years as it expands into new services.

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TELCOR is the proven leader of lab-specific revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions. With a SaaS software solution for labs to manage their own revenue cycle or a TELCOR-managed billing service when they choose to outsource billing, TELCOR solutions provide a high level of visibility allowing managers the ability to make informed decisions. Reducing labor costs, increasing efficiencies and improving key performance indicators can help laboratories increase collections and improve profitability.