Lincoln, Nebraska – March 30, 2017 –TELCOR Inc is a corporate benefactor of the 2017 Executive War College, a compelling two-day show providing opportunities to share ideas and content exclusively for laboratory and pathology executives.

This annual event, celebrating its 22nd year, gives senior lab executives, administrators and pathologists a full complement of knowledge, insights and action plans to keep laboratory organizations on the leading edge of clinical services and financial sustainability.

TELCOR is presenting a Master Session on Tuesday, May 2nd at 7:00 a.m. Kwami Edwards and Kurt Matthes, RCM Vice Presidents, will speak on submitting clean lab test claims right the first time using Lean practices along with new tools to boost your collected revenue.

“There are many challenges when submitting lab test claims including missing information, inexperienced staff and lack of visibility,” said Matthes.  “Kwami and I will be sharing more than 40 years of combined experience sharing best practices including practical areas for revenue cycle reengineering.”

Calvin Kroeker, POCT Vice President, is presenting a Benefactor Session on Wednesday, May 3rd at 8:00 a.m. Kroeker will review the current market for POCT middleware and provide criteria to utilize when selecting a system and the questions you should be asking your middleware vendor.  He will share how diagnostic vendor independence, system architecture and continual enhancements can protect your investment over the long term.

For more information or to set up a meeting with TELCOR at the 2017 Executive War College, please contact Marketing or call 855-489-1207.


TELCOR is the proven leader of revenue cycle management (RCM) software solutions empowering laboratories to improve back office processes by streamlining the revenue cycle workflow, thus reducing labor-intensive processes and operating costs. TELCOR RCM provides a high level of visibility to business operations, allowing managers the ability to make more informed decisions. Reducing labor costs, increasing efficiencies and improving key performance indicators can help laboratories increase collections and improve profitability.