Lincoln, Nebraska – November 5, 2019 – TELCOR Inc is honored to sponsor the 2019 G2 Lab Institute: Embrace Disruption, Build Revenue and Reduce Risk of Noncompliance. This conference delves into crucial issues taking into account industry and market trends.

Going on its 37th year, more than 100 industry professionals will take part in this conference to discuss and debate changes. It is also an opportunity to acquire tangible solutions to industry challenges such as overcoming legal and regulatory developments, identifying technology and innovation directly affecting operations, solutions to improve financial performance, and a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape of diagnostic testing laboratories and related medical services providers.

“For fifteen years, TELCOR has supported G2 Intelligence and its conferences,” says Corey Wilbeck, Vice President, Sales, Revenue Cycle Solutions. “Lab Institute is a remarkable conference bringing together knowledgeable industry experts with attendees exploring useful information and best practices.”

For information on how to increase collections and improve performance or to set up a meeting with TELCOR at the 2019 G2 Lab Institute conference, contact Marketing at 402-489-1207.


TELCOR is the proven leader of lab-specific revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions. With a SaaS software solution for labs to manage their own revenue cycle or a TELCOR-managed billing service when they choose to outsource billing, TELCOR solutions provide a high level of visibility allowing managers the ability to make informed decisions. Reducing labor costs, increasing efficiencies and improving key performance indicators can help laboratories increase collections and improve profitability.