Lincoln, Nebraska – September 9, 2020 – TELCOR Inc is proud to be the sponsor of The Dark Intelligence Group COVID-19 STAT Intelligence Briefings. These 30-minute, interactive live calls are every Tuesday and Thursday at noon EDT. The COVID-19 STAT briefings address challenges for clinical lab, pathology and hospital administration professionals during the COVID-19 outbreak.

These twice-weekly calls bring together industry professionals sharing strategies to meet the challenges brought on by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. They provide insight on how to uncover, analyze and immediately report key updates as well as best practices on how to succeed financially.

This information provides valuable resources and is offered complimentary. To receive more information, visit

Kwami Edwards, Chief Customer Officer, “As the health care community continues to get the information needed to understand the complexities created by this pandemic, we in the laboratory field need to stay ahead of the latest testing protocols. The COVID-19 STAT briefing calls are one way we can do that.”

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TELCOR is the proven leader of lab-specific revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions. With a SaaS software solution for labs to manage their own revenue cycle or a TELCOR-managed billing service when they choose to outsource billing, TELCOR solutions provide a high level of visibility allowing managers the ability to make informed decisions. Reducing labor costs, increasing efficiencies and improving key performance indicators can help laboratories increase collections and improve profitability.