TELCOR Revenue Cycle Services

Many laboratories use a billing service not designed to manage the unique nuances of laboratory billing.  With TELCOR, labs have the right tools to manage billing, including complete access and transparency to their data.  TELCOR billing service combines our industry-leading RCM SaaS solution with our talented, engaged billing specialists. This unique offering provides the highest returns for our customers. Discover why labs across the country choose us as their billing vendor. No other vendor can offer the peace of mind that comes with choosing TELCOR. 


Complete visibility of your AR data
Gain efficiencies and a better understanding of your AR with full access to your data and complete transparency between you and TELCOR.

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Reports and analytics to manage your business
From daily billing status to monthly profitability to yearly trends, you control the precise metrics needed to effectively manage your business.

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Positively impact profitability through increased collections
Our industry experts understand the
unique nuances of
laboratory billing and
revenue cycle management regardless of lab type or size.

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A powerful solution created to reduce denials

As payer requirements continuously change, our solution is configured
to make sure
your claims are compliant.

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Customer Support

TELCOR Revenue Cycle Services (TRCS) optimizes collections and fulfills your revenue cycle.  It is a hybrid solution allowing you and TELCOR to work as a team.  TRCS Customer Support provides your organization with the assistance you need as often as you need it. Our Billing Specialists are available for troubleshooting, answering your questions and configuration management. We don’t believe in charging customers additional fees for customer support.

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We are committed to the service we provide our customers. We are your vendor and we work for you. Talk to us to learn more. Listen to our customers to hear more. Choose TELCOR to gain more.