How We Power Your Profitability

You’re asking a vendor to manage the most important part of your business—your profitability.  Therefore, the integrity of that vendor is crucial.  At TELCOR, we treat your money the way you would treat your money.  We work for you ensuring you get paid for all of the work you do. We stay on top of industry requirements and changes to ensure we are always billing compliantly.

At TELCOR, people are our most powerful asset.  We hire the best of the best.  Our people are subject matter experts in billing, software development, implementations, etc.  Delivering on our promises and delivering those results with the utmost integrity is at the core of everything we do.

Specializing in Lab Solutions

Not all billing is the same.  At TELCOR, we have focused on laboratory billing for more than 10 years.  TELCOR Revenue Cycle Services (TRCS) serves the needs labs and their billing requirements.  We use our industry-best software to allow us to go after the payments for your services and give labs unparalleled access to monitor progress and service their customers.

Redefining Service

Service is much more than a department.  As the leading vendor of revenue cycle management software, we understand service.  It starts with the first communication and continues through the daily support you receive.  At TELCOR, our service includes:

Implementation Training TRCS Professional Services
Experienced analysts work with you to understand the specific requirements of your lab. It’s not a cookie cutter process, but a custom process unique to each lab. Dedicated training specialists are available to train on how to use our online, interactive workqueues ensuring a seamless transition to maximize collections. The billing team and manager monitor your account and communicate weekly or at your request to ensure you are knowledgeable and satisfied with our services. When billing projects arise and help is needed, we offer our special projects team to work with you to meet your revenue goals or resolve any gaps you may encounter over time.

We work for you. At TELCOR, you don’t lose control of your data or your billing processes. You always have full transparency to your billing and revenue cycle data and easy access to us. There are no gaps in data and you will receive meaningful metrics. Our promise is providing exceptional service so you experience a higher collection due to our diligence of going after every possible opportunity for growth and improved profitability.