TELCOR Revenue Cycle Services was created to fill an underserved market.  Many laboratories use a billing service not designed to manage the unique nuances of laboratory billing.  With TELCOR, labs have the right tools to manage billing, including complete access and transparency to their data.  No other vendor can offer the peace of mind that comes with choosing TELCOR.

Billing Service with Unmatched Control & Transparency

Who We Serve

Working with TELCOR

Delivering on Promises

At TELCOR, we pride ourselves on delivering on what we promise.  We listen to our customers.  We develop innovative solutions protecting their investment.  We create integrity and build trust.   This is at the very core of who we are as an organization.

Expert Billing Specialists

Each person on the TRCS Support team has medical billing experience and understands the unique challenges of laboratory billing.

Seamless Growth Options

As your organization grows and changes, we help with your evolving needs, such as setting up additional system functionality, focused training and creating data views to monitor your operation.  Ready to bring billing in-house? We help transition to TELCOR RCM, our SaaS solution.

Unlimited Technical Support

Human interaction, there is no substitute when it comes to service.  When you call, you will speak to a qualified TELCOR Billing Specialist. Call as frequently as you need; unlimited technical support hours are included with your service.

Jim Terrano, President and CEO, shares how TELCOR started and what makes TELCOR unique.

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