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Who We Serve

With more than 20 years providing software solutions to laboratories and 10 years focused on laboratory revenue cycle management, we have worked with many different types of labs of all sizes.  Whether you’re a start-up lab processing a few reqs a day to a large, multi-state lab processing thousands of reqs a day, we understand your challenges.  We provide insight, best practices and consultative services ensuring labs positively impact their profitability.

Our laboratory billing experience gives us the edge when working the system.  Your return on investment in working with TELCOR means collecting virtually every dollar billed and receiving payments more quickly than any other service or solution.

Molecular & Genetic

We utilize MUE, NCD and LCD rules, as well as CPT descriptions to submit compliant claims.  Denials are successfully appealed using configurable forms and automatic generation of appeal letters. Communications are sent quickly to patients through automated account letters.


We effectively handle the complexities of laboratory billing for professional and technical components.

Toxicology & Pain Management

We easily manage CMS and AMA coding requirements with a rules engine that performs CPT and drug class grouping. Our solution automatically implodes or explodes tests in order to submit compliant claims with the correct CPT codes and quantity for test panels.


Our automated processes eliminate errors and denials using comprehensive rules processing. Your clients are billed using flexible pricing and customized invoices.  We can also utilize dedicated census and hospice processing to easily serve nursing home clients.