The TELCOR Product Line

Point of Care Solutions

Used by more than 2,600 hospitals across the country to manage rapidly expanding POC programs, TELCOR QML® is the most comprehensive POC data management and connectivity system in the market today. QML provides workflow efficiency, scalability, and compliance as hospital POC programs encompass new device types and ambulatory facilities.

Revenue Cycle Solutions

TELCOR RCM empowers laboratories to control their revenue cycle and billing functions better than any solution on the market today. By switching to TELCOR, labs gain unparalleled visibility to manage its revenue ensuring collections are increased and operating costs are minimized.

TELCOR Billing Service

TELCOR Revenue Cycle Services allows labs to outsource their billing to experienced revenue cycle professionals, while gaining complete access and transparency to their data.

Discover Why Thousands of Customers Choose TELCOR

Founded in 1995, TELCOR is an innovative company providing health care software and service solutions to more than 2,600 hospitals and laboratories across the United States and Canada. With our strong culture of integrity, innovation and teamwork, we are able to respond quickly to any industry or technology changes helping ensure customer success.