8 09, 2020

TELCOR Sponsors The Dark Intelligence Group COVID-19 STAT Intelligence Briefings


Lincoln, Nebraska – September 9, 2020 – TELCOR Inc is proud to be the sponsor of The Dark Intelligence Group COVID-19 STAT Intelligence Briefings. These 30-minute, interactive live calls are every Tuesday and Thursday at noon EDT. The COVID-19 STAT briefings address challenges for clinical lab, pathology and hospital administration professionals during the COVID-19 outbreak. These twice-weekly calls bring together [...]

TELCOR Sponsors The Dark Intelligence Group COVID-19 STAT Intelligence Briefings2020-09-18T10:07:13-05:00
30 07, 2020

TELCOR POC Device Connectivity Updates


Lincoln, Nebraska – July 30, 2020 - As the only open vendor middleware solution, the following are the newest connectivity updates available to all TELCOR QML® customers. ChemSTAT via GEMWeb® Plus In collaboration with Instrumentation Laboratory, the existing TELCOR connectivity for GEM devices now also connects ChemSTAT devices via GEMWeb Plus. epoc® via POCcelerator™ Operators managed in QML can now [...]

TELCOR POC Device Connectivity Updates2020-07-30T11:21:05-05:00
27 07, 2020

TELCOR QML® Version 2.3.32


Lincoln, Nebraska – July 27, 2020 – TELCOR QML® version 2.3.32 has been released. This newest version is in the final stages of beta release and contains multiple upgrades to support your point of care testing program. For more information or if you would like to start a new project, contact TELCOR via email or call 866-489-1207. ### TELCOR is [...]

TELCOR QML® Version 2.3.322020-07-27T09:24:19-05:00
21 07, 2020

Resiliency in Times of Crisis


In terms of disruption to labs, 2020 is likely the granddaddy of them all given the impact of the global pandemic. Once again, laboratories are faced with the challenge of surviving the initial blow dealt to them because of decreasing volume, the impact to supply chain and, ultimately, how to thrive in such a market. Business resilience1 is the ability to: [...]

Resiliency in Times of Crisis2020-09-18T10:03:53-05:00
14 04, 2020

Operating in Unprecedented Times


We are living in unprecedented times calling for unprecedented interventions and unbridled focus. We wish everyone receiving this newsletter good health and energy to take care of yourselves, your families, your colleagues and your communities. It’s no secret that laboratories are on the frontlines in the fight against COVID-19. While laboratory services are more important now than ever, declines in [...]

Operating in Unprecedented Times2020-09-18T10:05:56-05:00
18 03, 2020

TELCOR POC Device Connectivity Updates for Afinion, ID NOW, Liat and epoc


Lincoln, Nebraska – March 18, 2020 – TELCOR continuously invests in providing facilities across the country with device connectivity. Following are the most current device connectivity updates to TELCOR QML®. Afinion™ Bi-Directional New functionality is available for the Afinion and Afinion 2 devices including sending operators managed in QML for operator lockout, strip lot numbers managed in QML for selection [...]

TELCOR POC Device Connectivity Updates for Afinion, ID NOW, Liat and epoc2020-03-26T10:33:42-05:00
16 03, 2020

TELCOR Celebrates 25 Years


Lincoln, Nebraska – March 16, 2020 – TELCOR Inc is celebrating its 25th anniversary.  Founded in 1995 by Jim Terrano, Deb Larson and Becky Clarke, TELCOR is an innovative company providing health care software and service solutions to more than 2,600 hospitals and laboratories across the United States and Canada. TELCOR offers three core product lines. A middleware solution for [...]

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11 02, 2020

Smart Considerations When Evaluating Clearinghouses


A clearinghouse in the healthcare billing world is an organization acting as an intermediary forwarding claims from healthcare providers to insurance payers. The clearinghouse assures a smooth transition of data for payment to be received for services rendered. The core function of the clearinghouse has traditionally been to scrub claims before delivery to the payer and, over time, a few [...]

Smart Considerations When Evaluating Clearinghouses2020-09-18T10:09:55-05:00
13 01, 2020

TELCOR Sponsors Molecular Med Tri-Con 2020


Lincoln, Nebraska – January 13, 2020 – TELCOR Inc is honored to be a sponsor of the 2020 Molecular Medicine Tri-Con conference. This annual conference focuses on molecular medicine, specifically on discovery, genomics, diagnostic and information technology. Going on its 27th year, more than 3,700 professionals will attend this annual conference to discuss and debate changes in the industry while [...]

TELCOR Sponsors Molecular Med Tri-Con 20202020-09-18T10:10:48-05:00
19 11, 2019

TELCOR Sponsors Q1 Productions Diagnostic Coverage and Reimbursement 2019


Lincoln, Nebraska – November 19, 2019 – TELCOR Inc is honored to sponsor the 2019 Q1 Productions Diagnostic Coverage and Reimbursement Conference. This semi-annual conference delves into crucial issues for 2019 taking into account the evolving payer landscape as well as the integration of PAMA. Going on its 12th year, more than 1,000 industry stakeholders take part in this conference [...]

TELCOR Sponsors Q1 Productions Diagnostic Coverage and Reimbursement 20192020-09-18T10:11:42-05:00