Secure and Innovative Technology

Today’s technology continues to grow exponentially making it difficult for people to understand the nuances in terminology and to identify the best solution for their organization.

Private clouds offer the greatest level of security and control.  Due to its dedicated environment, it can be designed to meet compliance requirements such as Sarbanes Oxley, PCI, SOC and HIPAA.

TELCOR has always provided solutions that protect our customers’ investment.  From the very beginning of offering our application as a SaaS solution, we knew it would be best to utilize a private cloud that included complete replication for peace of mind. 

In addition to increased security and performance, there are several key benefits of the TELCOR private cloud our customers gain when deploying the TELCOR RCM in a SaaS model:

  • No expensive server hardware to purchase and maintain
  • Minimal IT resources required
  • Highly scalable
  • Compliant, secure and disaster proof

Additionally, there are many other benefits our customers receive when using TELCOR RCM SaaS. 

Commitment to refresh hardware:
Technology—both software and hardware—changes quickly in today’s environment.  We know your investment in TELCOR is a critical one in which you’re trusting us to do what’s right for your business.  With that, we are committed to investing in R&D including the newest hardware which helps continuously advance your revenue cycle.

Deploying the latest technology:
Our investment in technology sets us apart from many other software providers and most definitely our competitors.  Not only does technology change in general, the requirements of the health care industry continue to evolve.  Investing in technology is investing in your success.

Production and test systems:
Because revenue cycle management is a business critical system and each of our customers have unique requirements, offering a test system allows users to test updates to settings, processing rules, etc.  A private cloud-based test system allows for quick remediation of any issues, flexibility and overall increased performance once deployed in the production environment.

Protecting our customers’ investment is what we do.  Investing in top security measures, including a private cloud, is the right way to do business and is why TELCOR continues to be the vendor of choice for your revenue cycle solution.