Patient Billing

Our patient-centric design simplifies patient account management and minimizes work on repeat patients. In addition, patients can receive a consolidated statement. Those with multiple services per month will receive one statement, avoiding confusion. Easy-to-understand statements with customized formats allow you to include specific messages based on aging and other criteria. Statements can be printed, emailed, or transferred to a mailing service for distribution.

Making it easier for patients to pay, results in improved collections. We offer an online patient portal and the ability to authorize credit card payments within the RCM solution. Incentive discounts are automatically applied for early payment. We also offer installment agreements with workqueues dedicated solely to managing the plans.

Payer Billing

Our rules engine does everything from medical necessity checking to proper grouping, pricing for bundled CPT codes to the application of MUE rules, and split billing for your professional and technical components all of which lead to improved collections. This rules engine, combined with automated eligibility checking, submits clean, compliant claims the first time greatly reducing claim denials.

TELCOR RCM processes initial claim status response information allowing you to proactively correct and resubmit problem claims without waiting for the remittance, reducing your DSO. When legitimate denials are received and claim appeals are performed, TELCOR RCM dedicates workqueues to efficiently turn around the claims for resubmission. Claim denial workqueues allow for easy corrections when information can be updated, and the claim resubmitted with tools for assignment, error categorization, easy update, and batch resubmission.

Client Billing

TELCOR RCM includes extensive functionality to customize pricing and manage the contract process required to support client billing. Client pricing options include unlimited fee schedules, discounting, special pricing, capitation, incremental pricing, and automatic travel and transportation pricing.

Invoice delivery is an automated process giving you a competitive edge with maximized client satisfaction and minimal resource dedication. Per client, you can define if daily or weekly invoices or notifications of charges will be provided so the client can perform their own patient billing in a timely manner. Invoice format, content, sorting, and messages can be customized by client to make bills easy to understand. This makes it easier for clients to pay resulting in improved collections. We offer an online client portal that supports credit card and ACH payments as well as the ability to review invoices and analyze price schedules.