Supplemental Services to Meet Goals or Resolve Gaps

Special circumstances can create the need for additional support from a trusted vendor. These situations include everyday hurdles such low staffing levels, new regulations creating additional steps in getting paid, or a short-term, large influx of business.

There are many reasons our customers choose TELCOR Professional Services when they need help navigating these challenges:

  • Operational flexibility. We can quickly and efficiently work through projects while your team focuses on your core responsibilities.
  • Access to top talent. We are experts in billing processes and the TELCOR RCM application which allows us to tackle projects, offer training, or provide consultative guidance to labs of all types and sizes.
  • U.S.-based support. All TELCOR staff is located in the Midwest and have experience in laboratory billing.

Whether your project is for six months or one year, there are many reasons why our customers choose TELCOR Professional Services. These can include tactical projects on the front end such as working demographics and checking benefits, to more strategic needs such as helping reengineering billing processes, providing business management consulting, or training new staff.

Staffing Assistance. A la carte billing support for demographic entry, call center support, AR follow-up, third-party appeals, cash posting, etc.

System Management Services. Provide system administration support, updates to pricing, procedures, reports, and compliance rules.

Version Validation. Regression test, validate scenarios, and confirm the impact of new functionality.

Escalated Product Feature Release. Delivery of key organizational enhancements outside of TELCOR’s normal development cycle.

Education and Training. Train billing staff on best practices and RCM tools to meet onboarding needs.

Consulting and Analytics. Process optimization, project management, custom query analytics, and assistance with data analytics.

Your executive management meets with TELCOR to evaluate current state versus stated goals then identifies RCM projects to help meet those goals. We will provide a project roadmap and assist with managing identified projects to completion.

TELCOR is different. They are much more of a partner. They are invested in our success. They know the people in our company–they know our management team and the staff level team as well. You can feel it throughout the organization that they are invested that we do well, not just that they are just a billing software.

—Jeff Nally, Executive Director of Revenue Cycle Management, Dominion Diagnostics