Support to Assist with Success

To achieve maximum success with the TELCOR RCM billing software solution, it must be incorporated into a comprehensive business strategy. Several factors contribute to business strategy success such as knowledgeable billing staff, tactical business management, and streamlined processes. TELCOR offers Professional Services to assist customers with reaching their goals or resolving gaps in these areas.

Professional Services can be utilized as supplemental support to the implementation process. If you’re short on bandwidth needed to configure the system and validate, TELCOR can execute these customer responsibilities. We can also assist with challenging data transitions and conversions.

Existing RCM customers can also use Professional Services. TELCOR meets with executive management to evaluate current state versus stated goals and identifies RCM projects to meet goals. We will provide a project roadmap and can assist with managing identified projects to completion. Developing knowledgeable billing staff, managing and directing staff, and providing remote assistance with select billing tasks is also available.

Our ultimate goal is to help your organization do what it does best–provide fast and accurate health care services to patients.

Meet Goals

  • Business management consulting
  • Project management
  • Billing staff development and education
  • Process optimization
  • Data analytic assistance

Resolve Gaps

  • Supplemental implementation services
    • Implementation execution
    • Data transition
  • Staffing assistance
    • Billing management
    • Billing staff
    • System management and configuration
    • Configuration data imports
    • Version update validation
  • Customer query analysis
  • Escalated product feature release

TELCOR is different. They are much more of a partner. They are invested in our success. They know the people in our company–they know our management team and the staff level team as well. You can feel it throughout the organization that they are invested that we do well, not just that they are just a billing software.

—Jeff Nally, Executive Director of Revenue Cycle Management, Dominion Diagnostics