Benefits of an Active User Group

TELCOR and its customers maintain a strong user coalition with more than 300 active participants. Together, they network and reap benefits through:

  • Sharing updates on industry changes
  • Discussion and discovery of operational best practices
  • Targeted forums discussing a multitude of topics
  • Promotion of creative solutions to enhance RCM

Customer Enhancement Requests

A key differentiator with TELCOR is our history of listening to customers and enhancing the RCM solution to meet their needs. The product roadmap is aligned with customer requests and industry demands as TELCOR upholds its promise to keep the application powerful and innovative. To date, more than 12,500 enhancement requests have been received with 92% completed or added to the product roadmap. TELCOR continually reinvests in the product to advance the application and keep TELCOR as the vendor of choice for labs across the country.

Customers submit enhancement requests via email or from within the application. Monthly, customers respond to an enhancement poll, review upcoming requests, vote on the usability of suggested enhancements, and learn about the newest enhancements that have been approved. For more information on the enhancement process, click here.

Best Practice Calls and Webinars

As industry regulations continue to heavily influence reimbursement rates and requirements, the user group schedules calls to discuss strategies and best practices. These calls are driven by user-suggested topics, new functionality, and operational tactics to help ensure labs are utilizing the TELCOR RCM capabilities to maximize workflow efficiency and drive collections.

Community Discussion Board

The discussion board offers users the opportunity to read trending conversations, ask questions to fellow billing professionals, and share knowledge on industry changes. To stay involved in the latest conversations, users receive real-time updates through email notifications. The discussion board is organized for easy viewing and hosts a powerful search function to find what you need.

Customer Portal

The customer portal is yet another place you can turn to for:

  • Recording of past TELCOR events, including webinars and presentations
  • Version release previews
  • Training materials
  • FAQs

The portal is a tool to help customers leverage TELCOR RCM to its fullest potential.

Annual User Conference

Annually, TELCOR hosts a complimentary, two-day User Conference for customers. The conference provides opportunities in-person to build relationships and make connections with fellow revenue cycle and billing professionals. The agenda consists of customer and industry expert-led presentations plus TELCOR-led sessions on industry trends, best practices, and functionality.

Attending the user conference allows customers greater focus on ways to impact their laboratory’s profitability. Additionally, attending the conference allows users to:

  • Network with like-minded professionals to learn new skills and gain industry knowledge, allowing you to bring that information back to your office and organization.
  • Attend sessions and workshops on topics you were not previously familiar with and may not have been aware of if you had not attended the conference.
  • Take time to invest time in yourself, your career, and your company. Stepping away from the office and spending time in the company of other labs professionals can be reenergizing.

Powerful Solution + Active User Group = Success

When assessing billing vendors, it is important to look at all aspects of the solution. By fostering a community of billing professionals supporting each other in their goals of adapting to industry changes and driving profitability, TELCOR is the vendor of choice for thousands of labs across the country.

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