Laboratory Billing: 6 Reasons Why TELCOR is Different

There are several options when choosing the right billing vendor for your business. While we believe in our revenue cycle management software and our billing service for labs of all types and sizes, we want you to know why hundreds of labs across the country choose us as their billing vendor.

  1.  We are committed to standing behind everything we do because integrity is at the core of our nature. For more than 25 years, we have been consulting with labs of every size and type helping them become more efficient. While we strive for excellence, we are not perfect. But we always stand behind our word.
  2. We are continuously collaborative because teamwork is never optional. Our customers are valued and their insight is important. We work closely with customers to ensure our solutions are what’s right for the industry. Our teams work together with vision and foresight ensuring we are—and continue to be—the right solution for you.
  3. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service because it’s the right thing to do. Quantifying service is difficult to do. No company knowingly claims they provide bad service. So what makes TELCOR service different? It starts with a real person answering the phone—not navigating an automated phone system. That level of dedication continues through our effective sales visits, hands-on implementation and two-hour service response time.
  4.  We are smart and innovative because we believe diversity creates brilliant outcomes. Innovation drives success. Annually, we invest millions of dollars into our solutions. For our customers to grow and be successful, our solutions have to advance and develop with the needs of our customers and the industry.
  5. We are authentic and passionate because our products positively impact the lives of others. Our solutions are different than any others in the market. We know this from the feedback received from customers across the country. Our products help solve billing challenges by using modern, powerful software. Our roadmap is driven by users and is able to tackle virtually any billing scenario.
  6.  We are thoughtful and accepting of people and ideas because every person’s contribution is significant. With values you can trust and a culture of doing what’s right, we know everyone’s input brings value. We listen to our customers, employees, vendor partners and industry experts to ensure TELCOR is a company you can be proud to be connected to.

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