Pathology Billing: 8 Reasons to Choose TELCOR

There are many options when choosing the right billing vendor for your practice. While we believe in our revenue cycle management software and our billing service for pathology offices of all types and sizes, we want you to know why hundreds of practices across the country choose us as their billing vendor.

1. Designed for pathology including an automated TC/PC split

With our robust rules engine, our software solution, TELCOR RCM, manages the many complexities facing pathology billing codes such as ICD-10, CPT, HCPC and the challenging TC/PC split. Automating these requirements reduces manual intervention and frees up your staff for other projects.

2. Clean claims the first time

Submitting clean, compliant claims the first time greatly reduces denials helping you get paid more quickly. With more than 60 validations and rules performed, our rules engine simplifies workflows by doing everything from:

  • medical necessity checking,
  • to proper group and pricing for bundled CPT codes, and
  • to the application of MUE rules.

Our dynamic workqueues also provide visibility to the status of each and every claim allowing for easy follow-up ensuring no claims fall through the cracks.

3. Access to your data

Whether billing in-house or outsourcing to TELCOR, you always have complete visibility into all of your AR—real-time and historical. You can see exactly where every dollar is throughout the revenue cycle.

4. Exceptional analytics for a clear picture of your financial status

Our goal is to provide you with useful, real-time intelligence directly from the application. No need to run
separate reports from various platforms then trying to cobble the data into one useful report. At any time, you can run reports by client, CPT code, payer and more.

You can easily analyze:

  • Payer reimbursement
  • Claim denials and appeals
  • AR by payer, client or patient responsibility
  • Profitability
  • User productivity
  • Client compliance
  • Utilization

5. Flexible pricing and client billing

Managing various pricing scenarios can be a challenge. TELCOR RCM includes extensive functionality to customize pricing and meet diverse contract requirements to support client billing. You can create pricing driven by client, financial class, payer, state, locality and patient class.

6. Increase net collection rates

Using all of the functionality of TELCOR RCM, pathology practices typically experience 10-30% improvement in net collections. They also typically achieve ROI in 8-12 months.

7. Tools to improve patient collections

With more patients being accountable for a larger portion of the services provided, it’s important to provide tools allowing them to pay more quickly. Our iLabBill® patient portal allows patients to see their services performed and securely pay balances with a credit card.

8. Exceptional communication

Many vendors tout their exceptional service. At TELCOR, it’s not just our service. With TELCOR, communication starts the first time you call us when a real person answers the phone—no need to navigate an automated phone tree. From your first interaction with our sales team to our very hands-on implementation process, to our two-hour service response time—you’ll always know TELCOR is there for you.

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