Selecting the Right Tool for the Right Job Reduced Expenses by 50%

The health care industry is at a crisis point. Increasing costs, diminishing reimbursements and increasing demand for data are causing many laboratories to look for innovative ways to reduce costs, increase collections and gain better visibility to their business performance metrics.

Experience and history show that counting on yesterday’s technology to tackle today’s challenges can be a fatal mistake. However, staying ahead can be a challenge for many health care organizations. Data comes in from multiple systems, different facilities and in varying formats. Manual processes, inefficiencies and lack of resources increase the growing frustrations of managing laboratory business operations.

TELCOR Revenue Cycle Management is software specifically designed for laboratories and helps organizations increase profitability through improved workflow efficiencies, decision support tools and business analytics. With better data analytics and business management capabilities, laboratories can identify gaps in account receivables, uncover trends and identify areas for improvement.

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