TELCOR RCM Enhancements – Working with Our Users

When choosing a revenue cycle management solution, it is important to understand how the application remains relevant to its users. With legislative, payer, client, and overall industry requirements changing constantly, labs require a solution designed tackle the most challenging industry changes and functionality needed by its users for virtually every billing scenario.

Influence of TELCOR Users in Enhancements

Nobody knows the challenges of laboratory billing better than those performing daily operations. TELCOR listens to its customers and prides itself on providing a user driven product. Since the inception of the TELCOR Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution, there have been nearly 12,500 enhancement requests with 92% completed or added to the product roadmap.

The Enhancement Process

Many software solutions claim to be user driven or have a robust enhancement process. In reality, many organizations receive enhancement requests, but the status of the submission is not communicated. If your laboratory has a complex billing process or is in a niche market where the standard billing rules may not apply, it is important to understand the details of how the TELCOR enhancement process works.

  • Submission

User suggested enhancements are submitted via the RCM application. Users can easily submit a request by opening a case, specifying the topic or process, and providing a detailed description of the use case and solution.

  • Review

Following the case submission, the TELCOR RCM Service team reviews the case to fully understand what the user is looking to improve. Once the request is fully understood, it is reviewed by the TELCOR Product Management team for technical review to ensure feasibility.

If approved, the enhancement is added to a monthly survey sent to the TELCOR User Group. Users vote on the enhancements noting whether they would use the enhancement, and if yes, is it highly beneficial or somewhat beneficial. This allows the results to be compiled and prioritized based on scope of use, level of impact, and other variables.

If the enhancement is not approved by TELCOR or its users, TELCOR communicates the decision with the customer. If an enhancement is very niche and specific to a single organization, the lab can ask for a development work order quote to decide if they want the enhancement developed specifically for their needs.

Once the prioritization and grouping of enhancements is defined, they are added to the product plan to be implemented in future versions of the RCM application.

  • Developing New Versions

User requested enhancements are approximately 50% of updates included in a new version. The remaining updates have been developed by TELCOR billing experts who understand upcoming industry changes, payer requirements, technology advancements and performance enhancements. This ensuring TELCOR is always on the forefront of revenue cycle technology.

Once the new version is developed, it goes through a quality assurance process to validate the new version. RCS, the TELCOR billing service, is the first group to implement the new version for final validation over a period of 30 days. Once validation is complete, TELCOR customers can upgrade their application.


By listening to customers, TELCOR offers a powerful product, which plays a crucial role in a lab’s workflow efficiency, ability to collect, and its overall profitability. Utilizing custom rules and automation, TELCOR customers typically experience a 15-30% productivity improvement. This functionality allows for clean, compliant claims to be sent the first time, allowing billing teams to focus on harder to collect dollars, improving collections on average by 10-20%. With real-time analytics driving insight into payer tracking, comparing historical data, trending KPIs, and accessing real-time productivity reports, labs have a complete view to manage staff productivity, improve collections, and drive profitability.

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