Real-Time Analytics Drive Smart Business Decisions

Our goal is to provide our customers with dynamic, real-time intelligence directly from the solution. Our proprietary Decision Support infrastructure displays data in a pivot grid making it easy to:

  • Select customized views to track your performance indicators.
  • Drill down to view the detailed analytics used to compose any specific metric.
  • Adapt reports as your KPIs needs change.

By client, procedure, payer, sales representative, and more to easily analyze:

  • Payer Reimbursement. Analyze claim quantities and averages of expected, billed, allowed, paid, and adjustments per payer. Review specific revenue cycle procedures to determine if payers are meeting contractual obligations. Proactively determine which payers have the greatest impact on your business profitability.
  • Sales Trends. Analyze client sales by revenue or payments. Assess each client’s profitability. Analyze sales production by region, territory, sales representative, and more
  • Claim Denials and Appeals. Monitor turnaround time and expected reimbursement of claim denials. Analyze advice codes and denial trends. Analyze the success of your appeals processes.
  • AR by Payer, Client, or Patient Responsibility. View real-time gross and net AR. View historical AR. Analyze AR aging by Post Date, Service Date, Submitted Date, and Invoice Date
  • User Productivity. Measure user productivity based on more than 1,700 tracked system and user events such as correcting errors and resolving denials. Assign productivity units to events to compare the relative work contribution of each employee. Compare team-to-team productivity.

All management reporting including AR reports, productivity metrics, profitability, and financial reporting can be scheduled for automatic distribution to your email in a PDF, Excel, or CSV file at whatever frequency meets your management needs.

Analytics Driving Future Decisions

TELCOR provides full visibility to real-time gross and net AR as well as historical AR. We provide paperless workqueues with customized aging days and date options to efficiently manage your AR for payer/claim, client, and patient.

Trending historical AR allows for easy comparison of current state to past months or years. These powerful AR tools allow you to quickly know which payers have not responded or which payers are paying you less than expected. This information is critical to ensuring you get paid what you should for the services performed.