Committed to Ensuring Customer Success

Our commitment to customers is to evolve our product as the industry continues to change. We work with customers who have top-down buy-in needed to revolutionize back-office processes. Customers have unlimited access to the team for questions, configuration assistance, troubleshooting, and product information.


Integrity and trust are at the core of everything we do as an organization. The support provided to our customers can’t be defined simply as implementation or service or support. It encompasses every facet of the customer journey. Each person at TELCOR is dedicated to your success so you never have to go it alone. Staying engaged throughout each step is what sets us apart from any other vendor—regardless of industry or product offering.

It is our promise to keep the application current which is driven by customer requests and industry demands. As daily users of the application, you understand the unique challenges of laboratory billing and collection. Annually, TELCOR invests millions of dollars in advancing our application with enhancements to improve efficiency and visibility. As of this year, 90% of customer enhancement requests have been accepted and 70%, almost 8,500 requests, have been released in a version available to our customers.


Our implementation methodology is dynamic and more robust than what you typically find for a software implementation process. We offer a hands-on, personalized approach to understand your current processes and identify how our solution gives you the best return on your investment. While a timeline is established, you stay with your dedicated TELCOR project team until your key performance metrics are met.

Sticking by your side throughout implementation allows us to identify opportunities for improvement within your current billing procedures. The robust rules in TELCOR RCM automate many of the manual activities commonly associated with billing. This allows the average customer to increase billing productivity by 20-35%.


As you transition from Implementation to Service, knowledge about your business requirements and workflow is transitioned to our Service team. The Service team tailors assistance based on your needs. Our highly-trained Service Analysts are available for troubleshooting, answering questions, and guidance on key business decisions. Additionally, Service helps customers plan for implementing new versions and can assist with the validation of new features. Call as often as needed; your questions will be answered quickly by our experienced Service Analysts.

Extended Assistance

Customer engagement doesn’t stop with implementation or service. As your organization grows and changes, we work closely and assist with your evolving needs. New team members? We can provide training. New acquisition? We will help set up the new entity to see the data under one company or individually with as many different entities as needed.

Professional Services

As time passes, your needs may evolve. Engaging the use of our Professional Services helps you meet organizational goals or resolve any gaps. These services include business management consulting, process optimization, supplemental implementation services, and much more to meet your organization’s needs.

Upgrades and Enhancements

Features and functionality are constantly being developed based on customer requests, regulatory changes, updated payer requirements, and the evolution of the ever-changing laboratory billing industry. New versions are provided at no extra charge; they are part of the annual service agreement. We release new versions to customer test systems accompanied by complete documentation detailing system changes. Once approved by the customer, the new version is implemented on the production system.

TELCOR implements a single-version philosophy to optimize service and ensure no customer will be left behind because their system is too customized to update. This enables all customers to benefit from the requests of each customer. The single-version philosophy allows us to provide responsive service since our service analysts are knowledgeable about all system functionality.