Professional Peers Sharing Information and Driving Product Evolution

The TELCOR User Group provides an opportunity for TELCOR and our customers to interact and share in the evolution of the RCM solution.

User Group members meet to discuss industry trends, best practices and functionality of TELCOR RCM. The strength, success and functionality of the TELCOR RCM billing solution is based on the relationships and input created by User Group participants.

Our customers quickly realize they have entered into a relationship extending beyond a typical business agreement. TELCOR and our customers provide a tremendous support system as you face the many challenges of maintaining a successful lab.

Monthly Enhancement Discussions

Monthly enhancement discussions are designed to discuss and review enhancements requests. All RCM User Group members are encouraged to participate.

  • Share and learn how to maximize your system.
  • Review requests and provide input.
  • Learn about the newest enhancements to be approved.

Annual User Conference

The agenda for this conference consists of customer presentations plus TELCOR education sessions. These sessions focus on industry trends, best practices and functionality.

  • Share helpful tips to maximize your system.
  • Provide input and feedback regarding future development.
  • Create valuable connections with other RCM users.

Discussion Board

The Discussion Board offers a great way to ask questions and better understand how labs are managing industry changes.

  • A continued exchange of information regarding industry changes.
  • Calendar of events including monthly enhancement calls and annual user conference.
  • Access to monthly enhancement documents, polls and more.

Customer Portal

The portal includes resources, training tools and many other features.

  • Library of resources such as checklists, enhancement requests, etc. for users to easily access at their convenience.
  • Training sessions, both WebEx and interactive, are available for new users or when a refresher course is needed.
  • Version releases to understand all the upgrades and enhancements of the most recent versions.