Lincoln, NE –  October 31, 2023

TELCOR is excited to announce the promotions of Michelle Conner, Senior Claims Resolution Supervisor, Revenue Cycle Services (RCS); Jacqui Donner, POC Design Manager, Point of Care (POC); Sierra McKenny, Digital Marketing Specialist, Marketing; Cassi Minzel, Claims Resolution Specialist, RCS; Preston Peet, Front End/Operations Manager, RCS; and Kristal Shestak, Implementation Team Manager, POC Implementation.

Since joining TELCOR in October 2019, Conner has successfully built strong relationships with RCS customers by ensuring appropriate workflows are put into place while continuing to decrease the number of outstanding claims within their applications. She is not afraid to investigate an issue and navigate complex situations to find the solution. In her new role, Conner will continue to advance her team through continuous learning and upholding a high standard for the quality of services provided to customers.

Since joining TELCOR in September 2014, Donner has played a pivotal role within the TELCOR POC Quality Assurance department, diligently upholding the high standards that define our products. She has extensive knowledge of all TELCOR POC products and has recently utilized her expertise to create project plans and design documents that meet the requirements of customers in her current role. In her new role as POC Design Manager, Donner will continue to manage her own projects while leading a team of design analysts.

McKenny joined TELCOR in June 2020 as a Marketing Generalist and has become a vital part of the marketing team managing organic social media, coordinating RCM and POC events, refreshing marketing collateral, collaborating on content, establishing metrics for the team, and much more. In her role as Digital Marketing Specialist, McKenny will manage TELCOR paid social media, online search campaigns, TELCOR websites, create new online campaigns to promote TELCOR, and much more.

Since joining TELCOR in July 2022, Minzel has effectively managed various processes, handled multiple priorities, and continuously enhanced her expertise in appeal processes and understanding customer needs. She consistently exceeds expectations, providing the ultimate value to both her team and customers. In her new role, Minzel will continue to utilize the TELCOR RCM application to its maximum potential, ensuring efficient claim processing and delivering results to customers.

Joining TELCOR in September 2020, Peet has consistently demonstrated a willingness to dive in and support the team in implementing new processes, managing customer workloads, and successfully completing special projects. He excels in collaboration and tackling challenges, making him an invaluable addition to the RCS management team. In his new role, Peet will lead our Front End/Operations team in delivering the utmost value to TELCOR RCS customers.

Since joining TELCOR in February 2018, Shestak has consistently demonstrated her proficiency in handling complex projects and escalations. Her exceptional problem-solving skills and willingness to help others have made her a valuable resource. In her new role, Shestak will take on the responsibility of leading her team to successfully implement TELCOR POC products while also efficiently addressing any issues that may arise along the way.

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TELCOR provides exceptional products and services to thousands of hospitals and laboratories for point of care (POC) middleware, revenue cycle management (RCM) software and a billing service, TELCOR Revenue Cycle Solutions (RCS). The TELCOR team includes clinically experienced, software savvy, and billing professionals who understand customers’ unique environments.