Lincoln, NE –  September 21, 2023

TELCOR is excited to announce the promotions of Ben Bevins, Senior Implementation Analyst, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Implementation; Jess Bornemeier, Operations and Payer Access Supervisor, Revenue Cycle Services (RCS); Nicole Gunn, Claim Resolution Specialist, RCS; Amanda Harms, Senior Service Analyst, RCM Service; Jennifer Heiser, Director of Special Customer Projects, Point of Care (POC); Caeli Hermsen, Claim Resolution Specialist, RCS; and Sarah Lanik-Frain, Installation Support Analyst, POC.

Joining TELCOR in January 2021, Bevins has built strong connections with customers, becoming their go-to advisor for important business decisions to achieve their revenue goals. He’s known for his ability to achieve success in any task, from leading new development projects to assisting pathology customers with complex requirements. In his new role, Bevins will lead implementation projects and utilize metrics post go-live to assist customers in maximizing their ROI.

Joining TELCOR in March 2021, Bornemeier is passionate about her work and dedicated to supporting TELCOR customers and co-workers alike. She takes on her work with a positive attitude, allowing for collaboration and communication. In her new role as Operations and Payer Access Supervisor, Bornemeier will take ownership of projects identified to improve the efficiency and quality of TELCOR RCS.

Since joining TELCOR in June 2022, Gunn has excelled in resolving complex denials and has been a proactive team player. She is always eager to learn and assist her teammates with clarity on issues. In her new role, Gunn will continue to resolve claims and provide support and guidance to her co-workers.

Since joining TELCOR in September 2021, Harms has capitalized on her strong work ethic and tenacity to consistently go the extra mile for TELCOR customers. She serves as a role model for the RCM Service team and is an invaluable asset to our customers. In her new role as Senior Service Analyst, Harms will continue to provide and promote service excellence while also determining the priority of issues.

Since joining TELCOR in March 2011, Heiser has excelled in a diverse range of roles, mastering many TELCOR POC processes. Her commitment to the team is unwavering, as she readily adapts to support team goals, whether it involves assisting customers or mentoring teammates. As the Director of Special Customer Projects, Heiser will spearhead customized initiatives to meet customer needs and provide valuable feedback to management.

Joining TELCOR in June 2022, Hermsen has assisted with two of TELCOR’s most complex RCS customers. Despite her heavy workload, she consistently delivers high-quality results and exceeds expectations. In her new role, Hermsen will continue to thoroughly research and take appropriate steps to investigate and find solutions for her customers’ rejected claims and denials.

Since joining TELCOR in January 2021, Lanik-Frain has assisted in numerous process improvement projects in addition to updating documentation on various POC implementation procedures. Her attention to detail, strong drive, and positive work attitude have led her to success in many projects, including those at the enterprise level. In her new role, Lanik-Frain will assist with TELCOR POC installation and upgrades.

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TELCOR provides exceptional products and services to thousands of hospitals and laboratories for point of care (POC) middleware, revenue cycle management (RCM) software and a billing service, TELCOR Revenue Cycle Solutions (RCS). The TELCOR team includes clinically experienced, software savvy, and billing professionals who understand customers’ unique environments.