Lincoln, Nebraska – March 7, 2023 – TELCOR Inc is a corporate benefactor sponsor of the 2023 Executive War College, a compelling event providing opportunities to share ideas and content exclusively for laboratory and pathology executives.

The 28th annual event will include important advances in key diagnostic and digital technologies. Learn how to attract, hire, and retain staff for your laboratory, generate immediate increase in your lab’s revenue and market share, and more. Attendees can network, attend sessions, learn about important changes to the diagnostic marketplace, and participate in various workshops.

The TELOR benefactor session, “Lessons Learned One Year Later: Strategies and Solutions for Managing the Complex Billing Requirements of Prior Authorization and Appeals While Minimizing Cost,” will be presented by Sarah Stewart, Vice President, Revenue Cycle Services and Brandon Effle, Vice President, Customer Engagement, on Tuesday, April 25 at 8:30 a.m. This session will share information about obtaining prior authorizations and streamlining the claim appeals process. TELCOR wants your lab to be timely and efficient while making sure you are getting paid.

There are many informative sessions to attend. TELCOR recommends the following sessions to provide insight into today’s revenue cycle and point of care challenges.

  • Heather Bogner and Michael Tarwater, Gravity Diagnostics, Progressive Steps to Solve Pain Points in Lab Revenue Cycle Management: Deploying AI-Powered Solutions, Improving Cash Flow Projections, and Collecting Accurate, Complete Data with the Lab Request
  • Vijay Singh, PhD, HealthTrackRx, Repurposing COVID-19 Automation and Workflow to Expand the Infectious Test Menu, Win More Market Share, and Increase Lab Revenue
  • Anne Gaffney, HealthOne, Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) in Six Hospitals Plus Five Free-Standing Eds: Using Patient Centric Services to Reduce Unnecessary Tests, Improve Patient Care, and Capture All Test Results

TELCOR RCM software designed for in-house billing is a powerful and secure solution for laboratories. The TELCOR-managed billing service, Revenue Cycle Services, uses TELCOR RCM along with U.S.-based experienced billing professionals to manage a laboratory’s revenue cycle. Both solutions provide real-time analytics, improve collections, and create efficient workflows to positively impact profitability.

TELCOR QML®, a robust middleware solution, provides connectivity and management to more than 150 different POC device types with superior service to add additional or new device types as needed. With more than 2,500 hospitals and ambulatories connecting through QML, we provide the best solution for point of care.

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TELCOR is the proven leader in the laboratory revenue cycle and point of care testing markets, providing unparalleled software products, services, and exceptional customer support. Our proven implementations are performed by clinically experienced, IT knowledgeable resources who understand each customer’s unique environment.