Lincoln, Nebraska – February 22, 2024 – TELCOR Inc is a corporate benefactor sponsor of the 2024 Executive War College in New Orleans on April 29- May 1. This event provides opportunities to share ideas and content exclusively for laboratory and pathology executives.

This 29th annual event includes important advances in key diagnostic and digital technologies. Understanding the transformative forces affecting healthcare and laboratory medicine will be prominent this year. This includes discussion around artificial intelligence (AI), which may soon be incorporated into many instruments and software offered by vendors to clinical labs and pathology groups. Special sessions will share what is working with AI today and what’s coming next to help labs improve clinical services and financial performance.

The topic of big data is of equal importance. Advances in information technologies make it possible to assemble large pools of data, analyze that data, and generate actionable intelligence. This includes the use of data as a source of revenue for clinical labs and pathology groups.

Attendees can network, attend sessions featuring first-mover and early-adopter lab leaders, learn about important changes to the diagnostic marketplace, and participate in various workshops. TELCOR recommends the following session(s) to learn more about today’s revenue cycle management (RCM) and point of care (POC) industries:

RCM Business Intelligence: Are you tracking the one key metric to know if you’re leaving money on the table? This session shares how payer requirements affect reimbursement. It will show ways to determine if laboratory billing processes are effective or if they need to change. Attendees will also be able to identify opportunities for additional reimbursement dollars and realize how productivity reports provide deeper insight into operational costs and how this information can impact the lab’s overall profitability.

TELCOR offers a registration discount code and the opportunity to schedule a meeting with the team to ask questions, set up a demo, or more about the features and function of the TELCOR application.

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TELCOR RCM, designed for in-house billing, is a powerful and secure solution for laboratories. TELCOR Revenue Cycle Services, our lab-specific billing service, uses TELCOR RCM along with U.S.-based experienced billing professionals to manage a laboratory’s revenue cycle. Both solutions provide real-time analytics, improve collections, and create efficient workflows to positively impact profitability.

TELCOR QML®, a robust middleware solution, provides connectivity and management to more than 150 different POC device types with superior service to add additional or new device types as needed. With more than 2,600 hospitals and ambulatories connecting through QML, we connect “everything, everywhere Point of Care™.”